We work in an open and collaborative studio environment that supports spontaneous discussion and the free exchange of ideas. Sharing is encouraged openly and without reservation and all team members have an equal voice. The informal studio is an incubator of ideas. Working and playing hard, we support each other and take the responsibility of designing public and private spaces seriously.


We embrace our diversity and our individual backgrounds, experiences and interests - after all it’s the 14 people at Ground Cubed that continually shape and define the culture of the firm. Leveraging this collective experience fuels our creative enterprise and drives our desire to contribute meaningful built works of landscape architecture to the public realm.


We take pride in our diverse portfolio of work and offer full breadth landscape architectural consulting services. From concept planning to construction management to 3D visualization and all aspects in between, our team has the demonstrated creativity and technical ability to tackle any commission. At Ground Cubed, we pride ourselves on doing very good work – always.