Our office environment is unassuming, comfortable and supports spontaneous dialogue and creativity. Markers, pens and paper are always within hands reach, along with cutting edge technologies. We believe that combining analogue and digital modes is the absolute best approach to our practice.

Most of all, we maintain an open and inclusive studio atmosphere that promotes a creative, curious and artistic method to the practice of landscape architecture.

We explore, test, push, dissect, and nurture our ideas. We don’t believe in forcing a design on a site, rather, we look to the site to inform its setting. For us, context drives everything – what are the edges like? What are the vertical spaces? How do things move through the space? How does the environment change through the seasons in a practice that’s not static?

When spaces contain unique and notable attributes, their potential and intrinsic values are amplified. Analyzing every inch of a site is pivotal to setting the stage for our design approach.

Design is all about place making. We recognize the value of social infrastructure, and how it plays a significant role in the identity and soul of people places. Community thrives on common gathering grounds and we embrace the challenge of creating meaningful experiences within these common spaces.

We understand what it takes to give an idea built form; this is the transition from concept to detailed design, and we can function anywhere in the process. We have the ability to conceptualize and communicate ideas clearly and we know how to build drawing packages and specifications that bring these thoughts to life. Most of all, we love what we do, and we take the responsibility of designing public and private space very seriously.