Landscape Architect

If I were a tree I would be a Banyan, with my aerial roots cascading like a welcomed rain from blue skies into new dark rich soils. Simultaneously I could explore time and space, while creating shady groves to embrace swinging children, weary travellers and ruminating thinkers.

Kelsi is a reliable, driven and proactive individual who is passionate about providing engaging, inclusive spaces by bridging the gap between functional convenience and creativity. She believes that connecting people, their community and the space they live in is essential to daily happiness and she aims to achieve this, in part, by designing meaningful spaces that fuel a sense of wonder, curiosity and beauty.

Kelsi graduated from the University of Guelph in 2011 and after a year long hiatus working as a commercial tuna fisherman, she set aside the Sou’wester to start reeling in a range of project experience. She is a capable team player and enjoys leading and collaborating on the planning, design and delivery of projects; from schematic design through to preparation of contract documents.